Shanghai Alumni Lounge Meeting (10 Nov 2006)

Alumni meeting at the Piano Bar, Grand Hyatt,  Jin Mao Tower , 88 Century Boulevard, Pudong.  10 Nov 2006,  19:00, formal dresscode and let the hotel personel guide you to “Cloud 9”, it’s not easy to find…

We want to invite YOU to our first “Shanghai Alumni Lounge Meeting 2006”.
This Lounge Evening should give you, your life partner or business partners the chance to get together and talk about private but also business matters in a relaxing atmosphere and an impressive view from the world‘s tallest hotel, located in YOUR World City.
Our initiative will be important for 2007 and its further Alumni Meetings in Far East to build up an international alumni network and force global contacts.

Please register before the 11th of October and tell us if you’re able to join our Lounge Meetings.

Don’t hesitate to contact Annette or me in any other question.

Warm regards from Berlin City and best wishes for your future!

Jessica E. Kurz & Annette Raabe

Registration asked:  or


Laurent Chang Chit Sang
Federico Bongera
Marc De Boos-Smith
Sabrina Liu-Corraze + Jean-Francois Corraze
Caroline Pujo
Audrey Leprince


One Response to Shanghai Alumni Lounge Meeting (10 Nov 2006)

  1. Fabio says:

    Hi my name’s Fabio,
    I’m a italian Pianist composer,live in London and play the grand piano for 26 years,
    I like to know if is possible to come over some weekend and have the possibility to play in the Lounge with the Grand piano,and if you like we can talk about.

    A the moment i play in London at the Hilton hotel,and i also looking for Agent to promote my music.
    Please have look on my website and leat me know what you think.
    On my website there are some pages still under construction.

    Kind Regards

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