Job Offer: Coordinator IP Documentation – Industrial Group – Berlin

Initially Posted On:      03.08.2006
Job Title:     Coordinator IP Documentation -Industrial Group – Berlin
Company Profile:     Global leader in public transport production
Location:     Berlin
Job Summary:     Managing the group’s business process documentation
POSITION Coordinator IP Documentation


  • Leading the network of Document Reference Points to coordinate and to control the company’s Manual, including its divisional supplements and the respective IP-business process documentation
  • Developing a competence model and preparing training for the Document Reference Points
  • Striving to continually improve the quality and clarity of IP process documentation
  • Define the normative standards for all documentation needs
  • Manage the eM system to deliver Group & Divisional business process documentation
  • Conduct reviews of Divisional process documentation systems and recommend improvements
  • Work with IS to develop the document management and delivery system
  • Train documentation managers in all divisions, Group functions and sites
  • Register all process documentation and provide related management reports


  • Quality System management experience
  • Documentation control experience
  • Broad knowledge of company’s organization and processes
  • Ability to speak and write fluent English, other languages are an asset
  • HTML & Database Programming
  • Strong interpersonal skills; listening skills, communication skills


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