We are already very inter-national, we needed to become more inter-active and most importantly more inter-esting. Instead of having a boring quite static list of upcoming events, now the first page is a mix of news, events, debates and also reports on past events. We then invite you to drill down, either by browsing through the categories on the right of this article, or by clicking on the horizontal navigation just under the banner for more “static” information.

There is no more “opinions” section, plainly because you can comment everything 😉 If you are interested on a particular subject, say you want to attent an event, please just leave a comment. All comments are immediately brought to our attention, making it easier for us to manage the venues. And a brief statement, “I’ll be there and first round is on me” garanties an early and high turn-up of friends and fellow alumni 🙂

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    For further information on (y)our ESCP-EAP Alumni Network Club in Spain, please do not hesitate to join us free in our webpage-forum-group.

    To join free ESCP-EAP Alumni Network Club you just need to send an e-mail with a brief presentation (your full name, promo, living city, sector, hobbies, etc) to:

    ESCP-EAP Alumni Network Club

    Best Regards,

    ESCP-EAP Alumni Network Club

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