Roundtable Microfinance MENA – December 4th, 2006

The ESCP-EAP and PlaNet Finance Deutschland invite you to a roundtable on “Microfinance in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – Perspectives from the field”, to discuss the state of microfinance in MENA and debate on experience gained in other regions

Date:- Monday, December 4th, 2006

Time:- 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm


PlaNet Finance Deutschland and ESCP-EAP Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin are glad to invite you to learn about the current state of affairs and debate on the perspectives of the microfinance industry across Middle East and North Africa.

Over the last few decades, microfinance has proven itself to be a useful tool to fostering financial and economic development in low income countries. Microfinance – the provision of financial services to the poor – allows micro and small entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, build household income and economic security, reduce vulnerability, and improve overall standard of living.
In the Middle East North Africa region, the microfinance sector is relatively young and at varying stages of development. In Morocco, Egypt and Jordan, microfinance has a rapid and dynamic growth and today reaches more than 1 million people whereas there is no industry in countries like Syria or Algeria.


2.30 – 3.30 Presentations

° Microfinance in MENA – Overview, achievements and perspectives by Mr Mohamed Maarouf, Director MENA, PlaNet Finance

° Case Studies of 2 leading Microfinance Institutions by Ms Salma Kadiri, Financial Manager, Al Amana, Morocco and Mr Ziad Al Rafai, General Manager, Tamweelcom, Jordan

° The role of governments, investors and donors to support microfinance By Mr Sébastien Duquet, Managing Director, PlaNet Finance

° Banks in Microfinance – Experience in MENA and other regions by Mr Hannes Manndorff, Representative Europe, ACCION

3.30 – 4.30 Q&A – Debate
This session will allow the participants – academics, donors, investors and MF practionners – to debate present issues on microfinance in MENA and share the experience gained in other regions.

4.30 – 5.30 Coffee Break – Get-together
Documentary Film from Ms Anne-Laure Cahen

Please confirm your participation before November, 29th.
Contact: Ms Delphine Bazalgette at or Dr Katia Glaser, at +49 (0)30 / 3 20 07-145 or





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