07 – 08 July 2007 EMIM 2002 – 5th anniversary of graduation

Dear Promo of 2002

Time has been running very fast and we were probably all experiencing set backs or fruitful success n one way or the other since our graduation.
Our sustained pursuit of pushing further the limits of excellence might already have paid off…some might have become rich and famous, some might have got married and/or might be running a little family business, others presumably got caught somewhere betwixt and between. Some might have been developing even closer links between them while others were by and by loosing sight of each other.

Anyway, to sum it up briefly – whatever role you got to play in this masterpiece called “my life after EAP”, one thing is incontestable:

In 2007 we are going to celebrate our 5th anniversary of graduation!

The Master plan:

1. Save the date: 07/08 July 2007

2. Please send me an email to emim2002_5th@web.de stating whether or not you’re interested in such an event and with how many people you are likely to attend by 20.02.2007

3. A possible program could be:

Saturday 07.07.2007:

Ø During the day: Get-together with a boat tour on the Spree River
Ø In the evening: Party in a château outside of Berlin

Sunday 08.07.2007:

Ø From 11h: Breakfast/Brunch at the château

4. Confirm you attendance by transferring €80/per person to my account by 15.03.2007

Mark Straub
Comdirect bank
Kto: 52 6666 3
BLZ: 200 4 1111

5. Get together in Berlin and party heavily on 07/08 July 2007

All the best and hope to hear from you soon.
Take care

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