What’s in it for me?

“Why should I become a member?” is a question that we are asked quite often. Here is why…   The network becomes your network, if you make it your network…

Part of that answer is the reason you decided to study at the ESCP-EAP. Not only is does the school offer an excellent education, but you also become part of the it’s network , specifically that of the graduates.
The network of the the ESCP-EAP Alumni e.V. consists of about 6000 alumni, together with the French Alumni Association the network counts about 30,000 alumni. The associations provide the backbone of the network and if you use us and become a member, it becomes your network…

Alumni associations are about giving and taking. Giving data and maybe some of your time. Giving a helping hand to a fellow alumni or a student, maybe concerning job opportunities, providing contacts and information. Helping or supporting student projects such as company and research projects. Organising local events. And participating in the network.
On the asset side there are organised meetings, get togethers and other social and professional events.
The associations are an information hub, news from the school, but mainly from fellow alumni, announcements about what is coming up. The website as the central source of information and increasingly for activities as well.
We also provide support to your career. We listen to you and help. Finding new opportunities, connecting you to someone within the network and helping with the introduction. Companies and agencies contact us with job offers. We also actively searching for people with the right profile and inquire discreetly if they might be interested.
And of course there is the directory, the network almanac. A list of all the alumni (in our case the international programmes), alphabetical, by location, by company, by sector, by occupation… It’s there for you to use. And it helps if you update your data for your fellow alumni and students to find you.

You have chosen the ESCP-EAP and invested in that education. The school and the alumni have also selected you … and are investing in you!

We are proud to count you in!

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