Re: 3 minutes of your time

We have sent out a questionnaire via email and have got an incredible response rate within the first few hours (more than 400 votes within 2,5h) plus some very interesting feedback and suggestions. So thank you very very much. We will of course publish the results next week and summarize the feedback anonymously.

We would also like thank Glashütte Original and it’s CEO Frank Müller (91BE) for sponsoring this initiative.

If you haven’t received the questionnaire on behalf of the Alumni e.V. and the advisory board (Beirat) of the Berlin school, please email us and we will send you the link.

Note to the first voters:

Within the first few minutes we discovered a bug which was fixed asap: the first choice of each of the two questions did not count votes. In order to statistically deal with this error, we have noted the numberof votes from the time of the bug fix, so that we are able to extrapolate figures. We apologise for that mistake.

The wording of the email:

3 minutes of your time for the ESCP-EAP on the behalf of the advisory board (Beirat) of the Berlin school!

Dear Alumna, dear Alumnus,

The Berlin-based “Beirat” (advisory board) of ESCP-EAP School is meeting on the 2nd November. The Alumni e.V. and school want to know which of their services YOU would be particularly interested in.

After this initial round of questions we will be asking YOU about your input, your ideas and suggestions or criticism, and your availability to commit. So please feel free to mail us at</em

Thanks for your time and your valuable feedback


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