General Assembly Webcast – 24 Nov 2007, 15h00

If you can’t attend the meeting, we invite you to participate in our first live webcast on the occasion of our extraordinary general assembly Saturday 24 Nov 2007 at 15h00. We’ll send you the password per email to be able to follow the live-stream.

This is a first so expect some bugs and glitches. UStream allows also a chat functionality as well as the possibility to launch a quick poll and to record the event. If the chat feature doesn’t work, we’ll set up a parallel chat conference on Skype (or something similar) and we’ll advertise the decision. You can either watch the video stream here on the blog or directly there at UStream

In case you need quick support on Saturday, please call or send an SMS to +176 23 94 14 78.

In case you are interested:

  • Skype Video currently offers only a one-to-one video conference, so the video feature does not work for conferences.
  • Gizmo‘s video features are currently only available in a Windows Beta
  • Anyway a videoconference is more tricky than most people think, so we decided to broadcast the event and allow participation via chat.
  • Alternatives would have been and the best quality and coolest choice would have been, but our (old) Apple Notebooks (PowerPC) don’t meet the system requirements, also viewers need to have the quicktime browser plug-in installed. UStream is the simple, offers some great collaboration and conference tools and… works with There you are.

4 Responses to General Assembly Webcast – 24 Nov 2007, 15h00

  1. Ron says:

    Hey guys –

    Thanks for the coverage, just wanted to alert you to the fact that the link for is pointing at the wrong website.

  2. @Ron – Thanks for the tip, the link has been corrected

  3. David Ruiz de Olano says:

    Hi there,

    is there any chance to have the video? I tried on Saturday and couldn’t connect…


  4. Sorry, we were so happy that we got it all working, that we simply forgot to record the event. next time…

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