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How to upload photos and publish them?

We publish our photos on If you have shot a great number of photos and you don’t have a professional account on Flickr, just ask us for our account details. Otherwise it is much easier to sign-up to Flickr which is free (unless you want to upgrade to a pro account) and become our Flickr “Friends“. We have a group called “ESCP-EAP Alumni” which you then hopefully join . For big events with many photographers and lot’s of pictures, we can create a new group if needed.

How to upload videos and publish them?

We have signed up for, which is for videos what Flickr is for photos. You can find our profile and our uploaded videos here. Here are our videos YouTube does not yet have special subscription. Only if you do not want to sign up, could you use our YouTube ID

How can I post articles on this site?

If you would like to regularly contribute to this site with content relevant for ESCP-EAP alumni you are welcome to join our team. Just sign up to and send us an email with your account name and you’ll get an invite.

Do you have a policy for the <comments>?

Everybody is welcome to comment articles on this website. We reserve the right to remove comments, which for example may be perceived as offensive . All we are asking is be fair and think twice before posting controversial comments.


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