Offres d’Emploi

by Ass. des Anciens ESCP-EAP

Isabelle Chazal
+33 1 43 55 53 25

Our partner association in France, the “Association des Anciens ESCP-EAP“, offers a subsriber service to their web- based Bulletin d’Offres d’Emploi. The weekly updated online database contains approx. 7,000 offers/year and is especially interesting for those alumni looking for a job in France.

As a member of ESCP-EAP Alumni e.V., the additional subscription fee is the same as for members of AA ESCP-EAP (44 Euro for 6 months, 75 Euro for 12 months).

In France personnel departments and agencies are traditionally sending job offers to all Grandes Ecoles or to their respective alumni associations.

The AA ESCP-EAP is entering and categorising those vacancies to support all our graduates who are members to their respective alumni association.

(see subscription form below:)

A retourner à AAE EAP – Isabelle CHAZAL (EAP 1980)
79 avenue de la République- 75543 Paris Cedex 11


Prénom :

Promo :

Adresse perso :

E-mail perso :

o souhaite souscrire un abonnement au service d’offres d’emploi en ligne
o pour 1 an et je joins la somme de 75 Euros
o pour 6 mois et je joins la somme de 44 Euros

o Je choisis le mode de règlement suivant :

o Chèque ou eurochèque libellé à l’ordre de AAE EAP et je joins un chèque de ..………..F ou ..…….. Euros.
o Carte bancaire (cartes acceptées : Carte bleue, Visa, eurocard, Mastercard)

Mon n° de carte est : _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _

Date d’expiration: _ _ / _ _

Date Signature


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