Last photosets of the Leipzig weekend

September 21, 2006


Sunday, 3 Sep 2006. The third and last day of this fabulous weekend. The first set shows the Schlosshotel Schkopau, the second set is about the excellent unch at the car museum and the last set includes the last event, a jazz concert of a promising trio (we’ll publish some video footage shortly) and the good-bye cake & coffee.

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Leipzig – the first videos

September 11, 2006

Yes, we are web 2.0. Here is the first of the videos. Have fun.

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Trabi Tour And Romantic Gondolas

September 11, 2006

Canals of Leipzig Canals of Leipzig Trabi Tour Leipziger Messe Trabi Tour Leipzig

Another hightlight of the Leipzig Weekend was the Trabi Tour where everybody could drive a Trabant and a canal tour with original Venice gondolas.  All photos of that day can be seen here.  The day finished at the Da Vito restaurant at the canal with a nice dinner and great Argentine red wine sponsored by Dominik Rohde (91MA).

We are currently finalising the blogstyle website hosted by  Therefore I have posted numerous entries for the photo sets to test the preview picture size.  I don’t think we’ll have more than one photo post per event… we’ll see.  If anyone is already reading these entries, what do you prefer, 3 bigger preview pictures or 4 slimmer and smaller ones?

Leipzig has surprised us…

September 10, 2006


Although some of us had to recover from the first night’s discussions, most were enjoying a guided tour of Leipzig in a vintage bus. BTW look closely at the third picture above and tell us what’s wrong with it 😉

Visit to Porsche Leipzig

September 10, 2006


The day at Porsche Leipzig was very interesting and great fun. Pictures tell more than words so check out the photo set or enjoy the small and beautiful slide show.

Leipzig Alumni Weekend “Mobility” (1-3 Sep 2006)

August 25, 2006

Prestigeous weekend with Porsche visit as a highlight

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