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Directory online again, should even be faster than ever before 😉


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The Directory

The Alumni Directory has been published in print form since 1976, the year of the first EAP graduations. The directory contains mainly private and professional addresses.

The directory helps to find friends and can be used to support networking among alumni. In order to continuously improve our service, we welcome your feedback in comments below.

Addresses can be managed online by the respective Alumna / Alumnus.

Permanent addresses (usually parents) are only shown in edit mode in the user’s data. They help us to track “missing” alumni. We welcome your help to track missing alumni as well as to update data.

The Yearbook


The EAP used to publish Yearbooks with the CVs of the last year students. After the merger with the ESCP, the school discontinued that service because it shouldn’t be offered to only one programme. Since 2003 the Alumni eV decided to produce and publish the Yearbook for the international programmes. The data collection is done via the directory.

Check out the last Yearbook below (18MB)

Yearbook 2007.pdf

Directory history

The directory as well as the website are developed on Lotus Domino. The “Notes” directory database has been celebrating it’s 10th annivery in 2004. Pre-1994, the then “EAP Network” used a French D-Base equivalent with a very simple structure.

Since 1994 this database has continously been improved and enhanced: around seven major upgrades over the years and nearly weekly design updates. The first web prototypes have been presented in 1996, the first “homepage” was published in 1997, the online directory has been launched in the beginning of 2000. Visually the site changed dramatically in the first half of 2003. Since 2004 a lot of Yearbook functionalities have been added, such as the ability to add professional experiences, skills, languages, interests etc.


The directory is still running on a Lotus Domino infrastructure, even though the rest of the site is now based on WordPress. In 2004 we launched a project with our sister organisation in France for a common database which will be based on Postgre-SQL, Perl and XUL (Mozilla). We hope to start using that new system first half of 2007.


32 Responses to Directory

  1. su jing says:

    how can get access to the dictionary of the alumni, thank you very much

  2. Julien Fouter says:


    Can you please let me know what my log in and password are to access the directory


    Julien Fouter

  3. OK, both of you are not in “our” database. You are probably both members at the AA ESCP-EAP, you can find the online directory at If the login still doesn’t work, please send an email to Murielle (
    Background: Since the merger of ESCP and EAP, both associations (the “AA” in Paris and the “Alumni e.V.” in Berlin are collaborating. Since 2004 we run a project of a common shared databse system for both associtions. Until the launch of that system next year, we have two systems and we try not to have any data overlaps.
    Generally the students and graduates of the international programmes, mainly EMIM and CeMBA are managed in the Domino system administered in Berlin and accessible by both associations and the other programmes are managed in the “AA” system.
    The new system (internally called O2) will replace both current database systems in 2007.

    I hope to have helped both of you requests.

  4. Paolo Pani says:

    Ciao Moritz! Un ex abitante di Charles street 27, OX

  5. Georges De Gasperi says:


    Can you please let me know what my login and password are to access the directory.

    Many thanks in advance.

    EAP 1981
    Master of Business Consulting (ESCP-EAP 2002)

  6. Paolo Pani says:

    I would like to accede to my information to update and consult. Could you let me know how can I do it. No way from the aasc… site
    Happy New Year

  7. Je suis diplomée de ESCP 1987 et voudrait connaitre mon log in et password. J’ ai aussi besoin d’une copie de mon diplome que je ne retrouve pas. A qui dois je m’ adresser?

  8. Adrian Elkmann says:

    We’re march 2nd, the site is still down… when do you think it will be up and running?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  9. Michal Freidson says:

    I’m lookimg for a friend who is a 1988 graduate, how do I do this…..I myself am not a graduate.

  10. morsch says:

    @ Adrian – we are working on it, it should be fine by the beginning of next week, you might even try over the weekend. The system is running again, the web server is being configured for Internet acccess. We apologize for the delay.

    @ Michal, please call our office any weekday, we can try to help you. There is no database access for non-alumni externals.

    Best regards and have a nice weekend

  11. Michiel says:

    Hi Moritz,

    Great initiative as usual. Looking forward to get reconnected to EAP 1991 – 1994 Berlin Stream!

    Would like to receive login and password details


    Shioya Japan

  12. Jacek Zieliński says:


    I was on this web site maybe for two years and I don’t remember my login and password. Can you help me?


  13. Natascha says:

    Could you please let me know my log in and password to the alumni directory.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Daniel says:

    server problems again? i get an error message.

    Can you let us know when its going to be fixed?



  15. Moritz says:

    It’s fixed. Server froze: virtual machine, as well as host and bizarrely another server as well. When up al network connections were lost. I put that down to VMware Server.

    Anyway, it’s up again and running fine.

    Have fun

  16. Beatrice Lemberg says:

    Hi Moritz
    Could you send me login and password?
    Many thanks.
    Béatrice Lemberg Nguyen, MA 94

  17. Frederic Gentet says:


    Could you also send me my login and password. I had it once but lost it …
    Frederic Gentet, MA 94

  18. Hi Moritz
    I can’t manage connecting to the directory.
    Could you please send me my login and password so that I can check wether the one I have is correct.
    Thanks in advance
    Martine Paris/Charrin EAP 81

  19. Zahoor Hussain MALIK says:

    Could you please inform my login ID and password. I graduated from ESCP-EAP Paris in 2001. My program was MS (TISO). I am using the alumni director first time.



  20. Hi Moritz,
    Unfortunately I have deleted the info with my log-in data when I was updating my system. Could you please send me a new set of log-in data for accessing the directory?
    EAP Promo 96 EMIM BE.
    Best regards

  21. Christopher Klauss says:

    Hallo Moritz,
    habe keine Ahnung was mein Passwort ist – koennte mir das bitte jemand per email schicken? Danke, Christopher.

  22. murielle texeraud says:

    hallo moritz, zur info: login seite kann momentan nicht geladen werden…. :(…. ausserdem könntest du mir mein passwort zumailen (habe es irgendwo, irgendwie aber… :). vielen dank und liebe grüsse, m.

  23. Shigeto HIKI says:

    I try to get access to alumini site in order to update my address and telephone numbere. I now live in Washington DC. I tried to use my login and password which must be valid still now. Please indicate how to get to the Alumini site and update my information.

  24. Valerie Thill says:

    Hi Moritz,

    could you please resend my login and password ? as well as the directory of how to access my data-base. thank you for this. Kind Regards, Valérie EAP Promo 99 (BE)

  25. Pascale Barbier Saint Hilaire says:

    Hi Moritz,

    could you please resend my login and password?

    Kind regards,

    Pascale Barbier Saint Hilaire
    EAP Promo 2000 (BE)

  26. Michael Weber says:

    Moritz, also would like to get my login and password mailed. Isn’t it possible to have a self-service option on this website, that mails the login and password automatically to the registered address in the directory?

  27. Karsten Hüper says:

    Hi Moritz,

    How can I get login details to access the directory? I would like to update my personal data.



  28. Trevor O'Hara says:

    Hey Moritz, Congratulations on the Web 2.0 initiative. I’d like to talk to you about a potential project. Perhaps you can send me an email with your contact details and we’ll be in contact. I also need to update my personal data but can’t remember log-in details. Please advise. Trevor

  29. Nathalie Weber says:


    The username and password I was sent a month ago per post doesn’t seem to work. Would you mind sending me my log-in details again per email?

    Thanks in advance

  30. Walle Johannes says:

    Hi Moritz,

    Could you please send me my login and password.

    Thanks a lot,


  31. Wolfgang Biedermann says:

    Hello there,
    do we have new user names and passwords. The ones I have on record for me don’t work anymore. Could you pls. help me.
    Wolfgang Biedermann
    Promo ’86

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