The membership fee per year is 90EUR in Switzerland 150CHF

Currently we offer three different payment methods:

  1. Direct debit (please confirm your bank details)
  2. Bank transfer (see our accounts at the bottom of this page)
  3. Credit card (via paypal)

Just click below on the link above or below and you will be transferred to the secure payment page of paypal.
Click here to pay EUR90.00 by credit card

After submitting your details on the secure page, 90 Euros (plus 1.95$ commission fee) will be debited off your credit card. As this is a 3-year subcrition payments will automatically re-occur in the following two years unless you cancel your payment after the first or second year.
Click here to DONATE by credit card

With this link, you can choose the amount which you want to transfer to our paypal account.

Postbank Karlsruhe
BLZ 660 100 75
IBAN: DE26 6601 0075 0237 9107 59

Please use our IBAN (International Bank Account Number) in Germany when paying from any coutry outside Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands or Luxembourg:
IBAN: DE26 6601 0075 0237 9107 59




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