November 7, 2006

We are already very inter-national, we needed to become more inter-active and most importantly more inter-esting. Instead of having a boring quite static list of upcoming events, now the first page is a mix of news, events, debates and also reports on past events. We then invite you to drill down, either by browsing through the categories on the right of this article, or by clicking on the horizontal navigation just under the banner for more “static” information.

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What’s new…

October 6, 2006

What’s new?  Well, plenty of course.  The first page of this site is blog-like.  The newest post will be listed on top.  And any new item is a blog post, such as the announcement of an event, a posting of a job offer, news postings etc.  As events are important, you can have a brief overview by clicking  Events on the navigation bar.  Otherwise, use the categories to the left to list only posts of certain topcs, such as a job offer or Berlin for everything that will or has happened in this nice city.

Any feedback is welcome and you are invited to leave comments. In fact, one of the main reasons of choosing a blog-style website were the community enabling features of blogs, such as interaction on anything, tracking news with RSS feeds, Blogrolling and so on.  So have fun.